Pouring rights

Beverage - Pouring Rights

Pepsi is the exclusive vendor for pouring rights at Wayne State University. Pepsi has exclusivity to make beverages available through campus vendors/restaurants, vending machines, and all campus events, including the Main Campus, Med Campus, and any extension centers. Locations must only distribute/sell Pepsi beverages in order to stay in compliance with our agreement. Any locations found not in compliances will be notified and asked to remedy the situation.


Product Donation

As a part of our pouring rights agreement the University gets a limited number of donated Pepsi products. A majority of this product is used during New Student Convocation, Festifall, and Housing Move-In. The University also gets Pepsi swag each semester which it distributes to the student population in various ways. Look for our Mtn Dew branded gear being given away at events such as Homecoming and Housing events. Finally, Pepsi will be on-campus numerous times throughout the year promoting special sampling events where they will give away free product to students, faculty and staff. Look for them in and around the Student Center in the Early Fall and Late Spring/Summer.