Campus vending

Snack and Beverage Vending

Sometimes you want a snack or drink between classes without going out of your way, AVI Vending, our campus vending partner, can help satisfy your craving. Vending machines located in buildings throughout campus are stocked with the snacks and beverages you need. We have a variety of chips, candies and gum, as well as healthier options such as granola bars, protein bars, and baked snacks. We also have over 70 beverage vending machines offering a variety of waters, sparkling waters, sodas, teas, energy drinks, sports drinks, juices and Starbucks coffees. We even have one of 3 Reis and Irvy's frozen yogurt vending machines in the state!

Payment Types

Paying at vending machines has never been easier. New readers allow you to pay with cash, onecard, credit card, apple pay, samsung pay and a variety of other moblie payment methods all from one reader.

Problems and Refunds

If you've had an issue with a vending machine and would like to report it you can call AVI Vending directly at 1-877-778-0947 or you can email the OneCard Office who will report the issue on your behalf. If you are requesting a cash refund for money lost in a vending machine you may go to the Student Center Administration office, Rm 011 of the Student Center Building, or the OneCard/Parking Service Center, Rm 257 of the Welcome Center. You may also request a refund back to your OneCard.

If you paid for something via credit card and the product was never dispensed you may not need to take any action to recieve your funds back. Our vending machines are equipped with sensors that can tell whether or not you have recieved your product. The credit card company will initially place a hold on the funds for 1-2 days. The hold is released and funds are returned to the credit card when the system communicates that a product was not dispensed. For questions about this process contact AVI Vending at the customer service number listed above.

Request A Machine

Is there a location where you think we need vending? Complete this online machine request form to initiate a request for the contract services staff and AVI Vending to evaluate the potentional location for a new campus vending machine.


Contract Services is committed to getting regular feedback to improve our vending program. We regularly conduct surveys to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students, faculty and staff. If you have feedback about the campus vending program please email us or call 313-577-2273.