Reporting a problem

There are two easy ways to report an issue with a OneCard student print device.

1. Call our 24 hour, tier one help desk at 855-218-2341.

2. Submit a ticket via our new online service portal.

In both instances please make sure you have the 9 digit asset tag number for the device. This information is located on a sticker on the front of the device. Other helpful information to have is the location of the device and the nature of the probelm or error message that was given. Ensure you have pop-ups turned on for this site or it will not operate correctly. 

When using the online service portal for the first time you will be prompted to create a user account in the system. After creating the account you can login, choose the device that needs attention, and then complete the ticket.

To report a possible OneCard issue for example if you are getting the errors "user not in directory" or "unsupported card type. Please submit the student print issue form. Include your name, access Id/onecard number and a description of your issue.